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A better way to communicate

Increase engagement

People like to have fun. Delivering a message in a playful, friendly and approachable way will be better received.

Celebrate your style

Create your own style of messaging and share it with others.

Get Things Done

Don’t waste time on complex design tools. Keep it simple.

How it works

Quickly design graphics and share them with others, take a look 👇


Simple, yet powerful

No design skills required. Just pick the right emoji and we'll do the rest.

+3600 emojis (Emoji set 13.1)

An always up-to-date emoji set. We make sure to add the latest emojis as soon as they are released on iOS, Android, Mac, etc.

+1200 tech logos

Choose from thousands of tech products, companies and frameworks logos.

All social media sizes

Work on any social media platform and size, whether it is facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.

Premium Templates

Hand-crafted templates to help you get started quickly and have get content looking great quickly.

+1300 Custom Google Fonts

Select from thousands of beautiful fonts to give you message just the right feel.

Modern aesthetics

Warm modern aesthetics to deliver a beautiful message ❤️

SVG Export

Integrate with your existing flow by exporting and editing graphics in your favorite tool (Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, Canva, etc).

Smart Options (Coming Soon)

No more getting overwhelmed by a million options, we will only show you the right choices for your design.

Stop boring them to death ☠️

Add personality to your message. Communicate your culture, style, role, or any other aspect of your identity.


What others have created

Start with the perfect template and customize it to your needs.

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Hiring a Designer
Hiring a Designer
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Social media messaging
Social media messaging
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Punchy slack message
Punchy slack message
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Click to try template
Share the love with co-workers
Share the love with co-workers
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Blog post cover
Blog post cover

Pricing Plans

Start designing for free, then go pro to unleash your emojination!

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  • Starter

    Start crafting your emoji 😁 messages with just the basics.

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  • Pro (Presale)

    Unlock all features

    • All Social media platforms
    • Custom fonts
    • Premium Templates
    • Export as SVG for additional editing
    • Remove emojination watermark


    Pay $60 $36 yearly

    Go Pro!

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