Background Story

Emojination started it's life as a weekend project to solve a problem I faced at another startup.

We were looking to hire new engineers to join our cool little startup. Knowing how hard it is to find great engineers and how hard it is to find a fulfilling role as an employee, I knew they should join us.

Sadly, there are a lot of boring jobs out there. I wanted our job post to stand out and communicate our fun culture 😎.

Since the best candidates are likely already in our network of friends, an engaging social media post is a great start. I also knew adding an image to a post boosts engagement.

Next, it was time to figure out what the image should represent. There were three things I wanted to showcase:

  • The business we are in
  • The main skill-set we are looking for
  • The feeling our culture was built upon

Maybe I can use emojis to represent these things? After struggling with Sketch and then Photoshop for an hour or so I had this beautiful graphic.

We are hiring graphic for startup

At a quick glance you can see everything you need about the job. The use of emojis also makes it feel less corporate and more approachable. Better yet, we found and hired two great engineers 🎉.

But wait, why did I need to know photoshop, sketch, figma, or any other complex design tool? It should be easy. So I set out to make it easy.

The Future

In the process of building this simple tool, I stumbled upon something bigger.

A fun way to express culture and communicate both internally inside the company and externally on social media.

Building a great culture requires a great emojination.

One layer beyond this, lie questions around why are design tools so complex and unapproachable? Why can't they be more fun?

Who is Behind This?

So far a team of one. This is an indie project that will hopefully expand with time.

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Michael Yagudaev